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What if 2023 was your best year in business yet?

Are you agile and open to seize the business opportunities of 2023?

Micro and small businesses ( 0-9 and 10-49 employees), SHERPA is designed to navigate you through the shifting and challenging landscape of business ahead.

Boost your profitability with clarity, confidence, certainty and consistency

Sherpa provides an individual, in person guided programme that's completely tailored to you, your team, and your business.

With Sherpa, you get a seamless pathway that combines sales, marketing, mentoring, and operations.

No more running around A, instead progress towards B.

Identify your location

Choose your future

Define your goals

Plan your route

Create your strategy

Each year presents 2 futures - decline or race ahead, actually there's a third - stay the same.

You've experienced the highs of growth in the past but perhaps it's slowed down or become inconsistent?

You may feel you're fighting fires all the time and work is so much more stressful and less enjoyable.

The thrill was building, growing, winning - you may have reached a plateau and it's hard to climb up to the next level. Factors around you are changing, and the path ahead is unclear.

Let SHERPA reignite YOU, your TEAM and your BUSINESS

"One of the most productive days I've had in the last 15 years of business, I could actually see and feel how I would achieve my ambitious goals.
Since doing SHERPA at the end of 2021, I can report this has been one of our best years ever, I have the strongest order book, and my drive and enthusiasm are as good as ever"

Paul HindleDirector, Lumenata Lighting Design

I was just stuck in first gear, the business was all over the place and I was spinning so many plates, and sometimes I just did not want to face work. After day 1 everything I needed to do made sense, within 7 days I’d totally restructured my business, and just knew what action I needed to take. In 3 months I’m so focused, I’ve dramatically increased my earnings,

Gavin RoperDirector, Power Solutions UK

I was working 50+ hours a week and just could not see the end to it all! I needed a new plan, structure and goals and this helped me achieve all of these and more! If anyone is looking to make changes to their business for the better and get that work/life balance back this is 100% for you.

Donna BristolManaging Director, Coplow Business Support

It really helps you drill down to where you are at the moment and then work up an actionable plan in order to get you on the path towards your overall goals. The delivery of the material was great. Would highly recommend if you’re feeling frustrated, a bit rudderless or just want some clarity in your business - this will certainly help you!”

Stephen DanielsQuicklaunch UK

When you have Sherpas by your side, there's no need to go it alone

Having developed sales and marketing strategies over decades, our Sherpas draw upon years of business experience. Andy and Sarah have created a powerful programme that will help you increase your revenue, profits, customer wins, and your passion for running your own business.