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Andy Henderson

Co-Founder & Business Consultant

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Andy's Story

Since 2018, I’ve used a form of Sherpa to help 100’s of businesses transform their culture and achieve growth they previously thought impossible.

After a successful corporate career, where I took a business from £12 million to £25 million in just three years, I decided to help other organisations realise their own potential. Combining 20+ years of experience — including the valuable lessons I learned from mistakes I made, as well as big wins, I created a winning formula to help businesses go from stuck to unstoppable.

I’m not a traditional consultant. I’m not interested in telling you what to do. Think of me more like a Sherpa Guide, helping you summit the mountain of your own collective potential.

I’ve worked with over 400 businesses in the last 5 years, and everyone of them wanted the same things. More customers, more revenue, more profits.

These business leaders also wanted to create a better culture, and lead a highly motivated team all delivering amazing results and creating the life they have always wanted, for everyone.

I really look forward to working with you.

SHERPA Associates

SHERPA have an in-house associate with global high-level corporate experience and full design and digital services for the fulfilment of the plan.